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The symbol of apology for a single girl who is married to a pregnant woman for a divorced woman, whether seeing a person apologizing to you, the beloved, the enemy, the husband, someone asking you for forgiveness and remorse for Ibn Sirin, the sincere Imam, and more

Interpretation of apology in a dream

  1. To apologize is a behavior that carries many beautiful meanings and strengthens and renews the relationship between people in society. Does this symbol have the same connotations if it is present in a dream?
  2. Did you know that seeing an apology in a dream may indicate a salvation from a great calamity or a renewed hope for something related to the object excused in a dream … because the unbelievers will not be permitted to apologize on the Day of Resurrection, or as God (Almighty) said: (They will not be permitted to do so, so they will apologize) ( Submitters: 36)
  3. If you see as if you are offering an apology in a dream, then this indicates the feelings of recognition or remorse and forgiveness that you have in reality because of some circumstances you are going through.
  4. It also indicates the desire for reconciliation, candor, and the search for balance in life
  5. An apology in a dream may symbolize the need to review some matters in order to start again
  6. Seeing someone apologizing to you indicates that you have been subjected to ill-treatment or improper behavior, and this act may necessitate a commitment for you to apologize.
  7. A written apology may indicate uncertainty about something
  8. This vision indicates the criticism that you will receive, the remorse of people who think badly of you, and the abandonment of the meaningless days in the past.
  9. And you will get rid of the bad impressions, and the visionary will get relief again. And the visionary will allow people who tell lies and who are the reason for your living disappointment and who quarrel with them
  10. The vision holder will act mature and move accurately and calmly in front of the negatives without any fanaticism, and the vision holder will be accurate in all the steps he takes.
  11. He will always live with lawful money, and he will be a person of virtue and will receive appreciation from all people
  12. An apology in a dream denotes forgiveness, pardon, or forgiveness, and it is in interpretation good unless the request for an apology is an insult or humiliation or a plea by the seeker towards another person, near or far. The Almighty said: {And let them pardon and forgive that you do not wish that God forgives you, and God is Forgiving, Most Merciful. [النور: 22].
  13. An apology in a dream may indicate repentance and even asking for forgiveness, and it is praiseworthy, especially if it is directed at the father or the mother, or both.
    In fact, an apology in a dream can bear more than one connotation and meaning. Sometimes it denotes itself, that is, it indicates forgiveness and tolerance between the seeker and the person appearing with him in the dream.
  14. Sometimes the apology indicates the opposites of its meanings when it is out of place, such as if the father apologized to his son or the teacher and the educator from his student or the employer of the worker. The apology in this regard may indicate the anger of the person who was seen in the dream apologizing, and the dream may indicate his obstinacy and stubbornness.
  15. Apology is a characteristic of the powerful, noble and honorable. If a person sees in his dream as if he is asking for excuses for himself or for others, then he is in reality characterized by a strong and stable personality, especially if he sees in the dream as if he is presenting evidence and evidence justifying his apology. May God release his distress
  16. And if he has a debt, then he should pay it, and if he is sick then his apology is a cure, and if he was a prisoner or accused and he saw as if he apologized or repented for a sin that he committed, then God willing he survives or repents sincerely repentance after which there is no lapse
  17. It indicates going on the path of truth, fear of God, and not separating from the Qur’an and Sunnah, and it indicates that this person is of stature

Hearing an apology in a dream

This vision denotes getting rid of selfishness, and the visionary will never be an arrogant person and will live his life without anyone despising or underestimating anyone’s value and he will behave fairly with all people, and the vision holder will reconcile with the people who are in conflict with them, and he will reach his relationship to me. An important point.

Seeing that you are apologizing from someone in the dream

This vision indicates your admission of a lie or mistake that you made towards this person, and you will try to obtain the satisfaction of this person, and you will feel remorse, and the visionary will forgive the enemy, and you will soon sign a peace agreement with the people with whom you have a quarrel, and it will end All the existing discomfort and your life will become quieter and your life will continue beautifully.

Psychological interpretation of seeing an apology in a dream

This vision indicates the problems and worries that wake you up at night and the things that bother you, and it also indicates the person who wants to express himself with an expression of shame.

Interpretation of apology in a dream of a single woman

A single woman can see in her dream as if she is asking for forgiveness, forgiveness, or forgiveness from her parents, and that in interpretation is good and indicates their satisfaction, and thus it indicates forgiveness on the part of God Almighty and praises in interpretation that the single woman asks for pardon and allowing the faint crying of her father or grandfather And that in the interpretation is a pardon and forgiveness on the part of God, and it is not appreciated in the interpretation that the girl begging for pardon and excuses by a lover or a preacher, especially if there is something in the scene that expresses insult and begging.
If the girl was at odds with her friend, sister, neighbor, or relative, and she saw in the dream as if she apologized from them, or she saw as if they were asking her for permission, that is a good interpretation because the apology and admission of guilt indicates reconciliation and healing of wounds and the return of relations to normal or past

Regret in a dream must be the error, offense, or misstep before it, and it is good in interpretation if it is directed to the father, mother, educator, or any other person who is like these, such as grandfather, uncle and maternal uncle

Interpretation of apology in a dream about a married woman

If the married woman saw as if she had performed an act or action that required an apology, then she saw in a dream as if she was denouncing that, or she felt as if those around her were denouncing that and condemning it, then an apology in such a case is useful for forgiveness, forgiveness and forgiveness. Other people who may appear in the dream, and the origin of this interpretation is the phrase from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “All the sons of Adam are mistakes, and the best of the sinners are those who repent.”

It is to be appreciated in the visions that you see the married woman as if she is asking for pardon from her husband, because that in interpretation favors compatibility between them. The origin of this interpretation is the famous phrase “reconciliation is good”.
This interpretation is carried out on pregnant women, divorced women and widows, as it is praised in the terminology of visions that the husband asks his wife for forgiveness, pardon and forgiveness, so the more that scene in the dream depicts peace and harmony between them, the more the vision indicates a good that will affect them in terms of livelihood, health or children

Apology, regret and allowance in a man’s dream

The interpretation of a man’s dream of apologizing depends on the scene or situation that calls for that. He does not praise in the interpretation begging the enemy or the adversary to ask for forgiveness from them because the dream in this context may depict the weakness of the seeker or his weakness. To take over.
While he praises in interpretation that he sees the dreamer as if his enemy came asking him for forgiveness and pardon, and he sees the sleeper or the seer as if before that an apology was with a pure heart or pure intention for the Almighty saying: {Pay with what is better, so if the one between you and him is enmity as if he is an intimate guardian.

Where the enemy’s apology and regret indicates that the harm has gone away and that good, security, or peace comes.
It is praised in interpretation that a man apologizes to his friend or a dear person, and that he addresses him with phrases in the dream that indicate a request for forgiveness, such as forgiveness and hope, and he hates in the interpretation phrases such as (I beg you to forgive me) because it expresses insult and hates what may accompany those phrases of tears or crying Because both are hated in men’s dreams.
The merit of apologizing in a dream is just as much as it is in waking up, because God Almighty says: {And let God pardon and forgive that you do not wish that God forgives you, and God is Forgiving and Merciful. [النور: 22]

According to this noble verse, forgiveness, pardon, and acceptance of an apology for those who sinned in our right or caused us trouble and pain may indicate forgiveness from God and it is greater and more permanent. The true believer is the one who tolerates and pardons. Therefore, the dream can be considered as a message that reminds us of the value and virtue of an apology or pardon and forgiveness. Because in that calculation of reward for God Almighty

And it refers to understanding and putting this person himself in the difficult position of others, or in other words sympathizing with them. The dreamer does not judge anyone without listening and understanding well. And on the contrary, he will forgive all the mistakes that were made against him, for he has a big and kind heart and will not hate anyone.

A request for forgiveness from God in a dream

It means that the gates of luck have been opened for this person, and his destiny will be filled with abundance, and in financial terms he will see comfort, and God will reward him in this world with many blessings

Seeing forgiveness in a dream

Seeing forgiveness or asking for forgiveness from God has the same interpretation, and also this person’s business will flourish, and luck will be on his side, and the dream is interpreted as a sign of finding good

Asking someone for forgiveness in a dream

This dream expresses that the dream owner is a mature person with a moral character. He also indicates that he is a wise person, and at the same time, by exerting the abundant financial capabilities that he possesses, he will be satisfied with his life and livelihood.

Asking forgiveness in a dream

This person has a kind heart, generous and courageous, and he only wants to spread happiness and reassurance among those around him, and thanks to his beautiful tongue and wonderful companionship, he always succeeds in making people love him.

Forgiving others in a dream

It indicates that this person has broken his heart by someone and the dreamer will forgive him and forget what he did

Dream of making an apology

Offering an apology in a dream indicates the calm that the seeker will enjoy in reality, in addition to his getting rid of the problems that were bothering him.
– This dream also denotes that its owner confesses his mistake or slander towards someone he knows, and it also paves the way for the opening of a new page and stage with him.
Offering an apology in a dream symbolizes the seer’s shyness and in most cases his inability to explicitly and directly translate his thoughts and feelings.

Offer an apology in a single woman’s dream

– In the event that the single woman apologized in her sleep from one of her close relatives, then this is an indication of the actual reconciliation between them and the return of matters to their previous state.

Offer an apology in a dream about a married woman

For a married woman or pregnant woman, if she apologized from her husband in a dream, that is evidence of their successful relationship and the relationship of understanding and harmony that unites them. This dream also bodes well for a married woman with a recent pregnancy, in addition to livelihood and material profit

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Types of dreams

  • The vision: It is a positive and beloved matter, and it is from God Almighty, and a person may see something that indicates good and God promises him, or God warns man in a vision about something and evil.
  • The dream: It is a negative and bad matter, and it is from Satan, God forbid, and a person may see in a dream many things in his life and nightmares in particular, and the Messenger (PBUH) ordered us to seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan and blow on his left three times, where he sees something bad in the dream.
  • Pipe dreams: It is not a bad or positive and beloved matter, but rather a group of desires, lusts, or fears present in the subconscious, that is, inside the human being.

Is it permissible to read dream interpretation books, and consider including them?

I do not know of any embarrassment in reading books of interpretation, Ibn Sirin and others. Dream books benefit from the seeker of knowledge, but he does not rely on them but rather with evidence. He must look at the evidence, learn, and look at the clues, and if he is confused about him, he is not certain, he says: Perhaps what is meant is this, if he sees A good vision, thank God for it, such as: He saw that he agreed with him in religion, he saw that he entered Heaven, this praises God for that, he saw that he was righteous to his parents, he saw that he preserves the prayers, all this is good, thank God for that.

If he sees what he hates, such as seeing that he fell into a well, or that he was killed, or that he was drinking wine, or something like that, this is from Satan, if he saw the Prophet النبي to leave his left three times, and say: I seek refuge in God from Satan, and from evil I have not seen – three times – then he turns on his other side; It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

The one who crosses the vision looks at what the Prophet said, knows the hadiths received, benefits from the books, but does not depend on the words of so-and-so, relies on hadiths, legal evidence, and legal clues to benefit him, and confirms matters, and the vision only expresses insight, and if in doubt, He says: Perhaps such-and-such, and perhaps such-and-such, and the Prophet When he was asked about the righteous vision, he said: God praises it when he sees what he loves, or what he pleases. ﷺ: If one of you sees something that he hates, let him spit three times on his left, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he saw – three times – and then turn on his side the other, for it does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

O Muslim and Muslim woman: If a person sees what he loves, such as he sees that he prays in a legitimate manner, he sees that he is learning a science that is consistent with religion, he sees that he has entered Paradise, and what is like that of good hypocrisy, he sees that he is sitting with the righteous and the good, he sees that in the circles of knowledge, this is a good vision, praises God, he says: Praise be to God, if he wakes up, praise be to God, he will be pleased with this thing, telling his loved ones and the one he loves, there is nothing wrong with it.

But if he sees what he hates, he sees that he is hitting, or threatening, or that he is with the wicked, or that he entered the fire, or that he is sick, or similar things that are hated, if he wakes up in fear of them, he hated them, then the Messenger had instructed him that: he should leave His left three times, and he says: I seek refuge in God from Satan and the evil of what I saw – three times – then he turns on his other side. It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it and that ﷺ This is from the Devil, that this vision is from the Devil to grieve a person, to harm him, to show him this vision to grieve him to harm him, so Satan should not acknowledge and comfort him, no; Rather, he should be the enemy of Satan, seek refuge in God from Satan, turn away from his left three times, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he has seen, until Satan provokes, then he turns on his other side, as the Prophet, and does not tell about it, he does not say : I saw I saw, he leaves her, it does not harm him, praise be to God. Yeah.