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Being subjected to humiliation Humiliation I dreamed of someone insulting me, someone insulting you, insulting the beloved, insulting to a single girl who is married to a pregnant woman for a divorced woman, and more by Ibn Sirin, Nabulsi and Imam al-Sadiq

Interpretation of a dream insulting Miller

This is a bad dream. It is certain that the dreamer will shed tears and will sobb. If a girl dreams that she has been insulted, then this indicates that an unfriendly person will take advantage of her ignorance to put her in a situation that arouses suspicion with a stranger or to put her interests with a friend in danger

Interpretation of being insulted in a dream

Being insulted in a dream by a person or a group of individuals is a feeling or emotion that simulates reality in another sense. The one who sees in his dream as insulted is in reality he may be exposed to that if he does not take the appropriate action.

People who constantly see in their dreams as if they are vulnerable to humiliation may be those who suffer from social phobia, social anxiety disorder, which is a type of psychological disorder that may occur when a person speaks in front of a group of people and experiences a feeling of tension and fear, or when he feels as if he is in the spotlight where he is afraid that it will appear. Signs of shyness cause him embarrassment, such as stuttering of the tongue, confusion and trembling of the hands, these people often see in their dreams being insulted and ridiculed by colleagues at work or studies, and the main reason for this is due to poor self-confidence.

The second reason that may make the seeker fall into a humiliating situation in a dream is the inability to communicate with the social environment, the family, the neighborhood in which he lives, the workplace, the school, the university and so on … The limited social intelligence and the inability to adapt to complex social relationships may be a cause It is key in making people subject to humiliation, contempt and contempt in their dreams.

As for the third factor that may make us vulnerable to insults in our dreams, it is the correspondence between the dream and the reality, as our subconscious mind works during the period of sleep to evoke and recall some situations in waking life. For example, when the seer, in his wakefulness, has stolen something from his father, his subconscious will work to reprimand him during the period of sleep, and he will see in his sleep as if his father is scolding him in front of his brothers or neighbors.
Insult in a dream of a single woman

A single girl may be exposed in her dream to insult by a friend or colleague. As for the reasons for this dream, they are many, some of which are psychological, some of which are social, and sometimes the insult in a dream is explained by its opposite, i.e. honor or glorification.
A tale worthy of this section

One of the girls saw in her dream as if she was banning a joyful wedding ceremony, and it is more likely that the wedding of one of her relatives, the girl says in her message to the website: I was sitting among a group of girls having conversations and suddenly my cousin got angry with me and started to reprimand and insult me ​​in front of people and she described me with the ugliest characteristics accusing me By stealing her silver ring, which is the ring I was wearing at that wedding. So I felt very shy in front of my relatives, especially my fiancé’s sister, who was sitting among us.

The girl adds: The truth is that this ring is for me and my mother gave it to me about two years ago, and I do not understand the reason for my cousin’s behavior and why I deliberately insulted me in that way. (The dream has ended)

Interpretation: When she read this letter, she asked the visionary for some clarifications regarding her relationship with her cousin, who she saw in a dream as if she was scolding her. She answered me that the relationship between them is good and there is no real disagreement between them, so I thought while I was interpreting the dream that the visionary might be engaged to someone whose cousin wanted him for herself, I asked her about that issue, but she categorically denied that they had a conflict or disagreement about that sermon, but she explained to me that Her cousin is nine years older than her and she has not yet married, so the interpretation of the dream became clear to me and it is as follows: The owner of the dream was openly afraid of the envy of others, especially those who were not yet related, so her subconscious mind worked to collect them in the dream through the wedding ceremony, in response to her firm belief that she Envied by her wife, and that she may be vulnerable to hissing and cursing because of jealousy or something similar, and her subconscious mind has already responded to her expectations, and pictures of her cousin insult her and accuse her of stealing the silver ring, which in dreams is a symbol of marriage, groom, or luck.

The truth is that the cousin’s daughter did not hate the visionary, but the dream came about this relatively strange scenario, so that the visionary feels an exaggerated ego and transcendence due to the preference that she feels compared to her cousin, who has not yet married and is over the age of thirty …

In fact, the one who insulted and rebuked her in the dream is her subconscious mind, this girl actually has a delicate sense and she is afraid of embarrassing others for that reason the matter has turned and she is in a humiliating situation opposite the truth and reality.
When you see a single woman as if her fiancé or boyfriend insulting her

The atmosphere that may bring a girl together with her lover or fiancé in a dream is often very friendly. If something happened in the vision that goes outside the framework of affection, such as fighting, quarrels, and cursing, this may reflect the existence of a discrepancy or disagreement between them that has not yet appeared, dreams often anticipate events and show us what may We see it in the future, the issue is not related to the paranormal or reading the future, but rather to the expectations of the subconscious that are based on data in waking.

If the girl sees in her dream as if her lover insults her or despises her, then this may be due to an unhealthy behavior that she took towards him in waking life and did not feel it, but the unconscious realized that mistake and tried to show it in the dream so that she would avoid falling into it again.

The person who insults you in a vision may have very positive feelings towards you, because some dreams are reversed.
When you see a single woman as being insulted by colleagues or friends. If she sees a single woman or girl in her sleep, as if one of her friend or co-worker insults her, then this may have multiple indications. If in reality she is at odds with that friend, the insult here is considered a self-talk and it is an imitation of reality. In any case, the interpretation of that dream, but if the relationship between them is good, then the insult in this context is interpreted by veneration or respect.

The school, university, or workplace is considered in the interpretation of dreams among the places that express the surroundings of the social visionary, and it reflects the extent of the visionary’s social integration. If he sees in his dreams those places comfortable or intimate, then the visionary may witness a remarkable social success, and if those places appear strange or disturbing, that may be Indicates social disturbance or anxiety on the horizon. When a single woman is insulted by a colleague at work or school, it is an expression of the feelings of fear and tension that are currently controlling her.

Interpretation of insult, contempt and humiliation in the dream of a married woman
When you see a married woman in her dream as if her husband insults her, family problems have a great impact on our dreams, when differences between husbands intensify, some of those differences jump onto the stage of dreams to reformulate them in an increasingly dramatic way, so the wife sees in the dream as if her husband is violent, demeaning or humiliated by this accelerated development It is caused by the accumulated negative emotions that you do not find a positive response to in wakefulness.

The lack of a method of dialogue between the wife and her husband may push her in the dream to an escalation that may once be violence against her, and at another time that violence may dominate the husband himself, so the woman sees in her dream as if she insults him or humiliates him and speaks to him with obscene and obscene phrases that are not permissible to utter.
When you see a married woman as being insulted by the neighbors

The bad relationship with the neighbors may be a fundamental factor that makes the visionary in her dream see as if she is quarreling with them or exchanging harmful words with them. If we rely on the science of interpretation, then insulting in a dream is better than insulting as the insulted is better than the insulting and the battered is better than the battered. If she sees the married woman in her dream as though she is She is subjected to insult and humiliation by the neighbor, as this may indicate a benefit or honor that the visionary may obtain from the neighbor whom she saw as if she is humiliating her.

But if we rely on the psychological analysis of dreams, the issues may change completely, as we have indicated since the beginning of the article. There are many psychological factors that may cause a woman to be placed in her dream within the circle of contempt, the most prominent of these factors is social disturbance and anxiety, which is clinically called social phobia, which is a pathological fear of mixing with people or Appear to them or interact with them.

Feeling of inferiority or an inferiority complex may make a married woman see herself in situations of humiliation and insult, whether by neighbors, family members, or even strangers.

Insult, contempt and mockery in a man’s dream

The dignity of a man is the most important thing in his life, the more a man is keen to preserve his dignity and his honor within society, the better his position and his social performance is better for this reason, we find that almost all men have a special sensitivity towards this issue so that the concept of masculinity itself is almost mixed with the issue of dignity and the Arab man. Or the Oriental one hates being placed in a disgraceful or insulting situation.

The man who sees in his dreams as if a person is underestimating him or despising him or trying to undermine his dignity may be in his wakefulness suffering from a weakness that may generate a deficiency complex, the dream in this regard is a maneuver by the subconscious to push the seeker to overcome his feeling of that deficiency.

The situations in which dreams may put us are in fact stimulating experiences to train our psychological system in order to better deal with such situations in waking life.

Interpretation of a person’s exposure to injustice in a dream

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Types of dreams

  • The vision: It is a positive and beloved matter, and it is from God Almighty, and a person may see something that indicates good and God promises him, or God warns man in a vision about something and evil.
  • The dream: It is a negative and bad matter, and it is from Satan, God forbid, and a person may see in a dream many things in his life and nightmares in particular, and the Messenger (PBUH) ordered us to seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan and blow on his left three times, where he sees something bad in the dream.
  • Pipe dreams: It is not a bad or positive and beloved matter, but rather a group of desires, lusts, or fears present in the subconscious, that is, inside the human being.

Is it permissible to read dream interpretation books, and consider including them?

I do not know of any embarrassment in reading books of interpretation, Ibn Sirin and others. Dream books benefit from the seeker of knowledge, but he does not rely on them but rather with evidence. He must look at the evidence, learn, and look at the clues, and if he is confused about him, he is not certain, he says: Perhaps what is meant is this, if he sees A good vision, thank God for it, such as: He saw that he agreed with him in religion, he saw that he entered Heaven, this praises God for that, he saw that he was righteous to his parents, he saw that he preserves the prayers, all this is good, thank God for that.

If he sees what he hates, such as seeing that he fell into a well, or that he was killed, or that he was drinking wine, or something like that, this is from Satan, if he saw the Prophet النبي to leave his left three times, and say: I seek refuge in God from Satan, and from evil I have not seen – three times – then he turns on his other side; It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

The one who crosses the vision looks at what the Prophet said, knows the hadiths received, benefits from the books, but does not depend on the words of so-and-so, relies on hadiths, legal evidence, and legal clues to benefit him, and confirms matters, and the vision only expresses insight, and if in doubt, He says: Perhaps such-and-such, and perhaps such-and-such, and the Prophet When he was asked about the righteous vision, he said: God praises it when he sees what he loves, or what he pleases. ﷺ: If one of you sees something that he hates, let him spit three times on his left, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he saw – three times – and then turn on his side the other, for it does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

O Muslim and Muslim woman: If a person sees what he loves, such as he sees that he prays in a legitimate manner, he sees that he is learning a science that is consistent with religion, he sees that he has entered Paradise, and what is like that of good hypocrisy, he sees that he is sitting with the righteous and the good, he sees that in the circles of knowledge, this is a good vision, praises God, he says: Praise be to God, if he wakes up, praise be to God, he will be pleased with this thing, telling his loved ones and the one he loves, there is nothing wrong with it.

But if he sees what he hates, he sees that he is hitting, or threatening, or that he is with the wicked, or that he entered the fire, or that he is sick, or similar things that are hated, if he wakes up in fear of them, he hated them, then the Messenger had instructed him that: he should leave His left three times, and he says: I seek refuge in God from Satan and the evil of what I saw – three times – then he turns on his other side. It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it and that ﷺ This is from the Devil, that this vision is from the Devil to grieve a person, to harm him, to show him this vision to grieve him to harm him, so Satan should not acknowledge and comfort him, no; Rather, he should be the enemy of Satan, seek refuge in God from Satan, turn away from his left three times, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he has seen, until Satan provokes, then he turns on his other side, as the Prophet, and does not tell about it, he does not say : I saw I saw, he leaves her, it does not harm him, praise be to God. Yeah.