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Interpretation of a man’s vision in a dream

Interpretation of a man’s vision in a dream Interpretation of a stranger in a dream Interpretation of a stranger in a dream Interpretation of a strange man in a dream of a pregnant woman Interpretation of a strange man in a dream of a single woman Interpretation of a strange man in a dream of a married woman Interpretation of a young man in a dream Interpretation of a silly person in a dream Interpretation of a foolish person in a dream

The dream of an unknown person for a single girl who is married to a pregnant woman for a divorced woman. For a married and single man, whether the handsome young man, the beautiful old man, tall, short, rapist, smiling, dead, laughing, hungry, asks for food, wants to marry, he pursues me, attacks me, for Ibn Sirin, and more.

Interpretation of a man’s vision in a dream

  1. If the man is known, then he is that particular man, his name, or his counterpart, meaning that he is the same person that you know in your life and he interprets the rest of the dream according to the rest of the vision.
  2. Whoever sees a well-known man in his sleep is hoping for something from him, from his counterpart, from his name, or from someone similar
  3. If he takes from him what his essence is desirable, he will obtain from him what he hopes
  4. If a new shirt is taken from him and he is from the state’s men, then he takes a pledge from him for the state
  5. If a rope is taken from it, then it is a covenant, because the Arabs call a covenant a rope
  6. If it looks good, is white, smells good, or wears beautiful clothes, then it is usually a sign of good
  7. If it is the opposite, it indicates evil or sadness and worry
  8. Whoever sees, male or female, that there is a strange man who found him in the house and started talking to him, and if the dialogue was good and with a quiet voice, or a useful matter, the good was in it or in the same matter and the conversation that they were talking about
  9. If the conversation is loud, or uproar, or a fight, then it is either a calamity or grief or a person seeks to harm the seeker without his knowledge
  10. Seeing children of Adam in a dream indicates dignity
  11. Seeing kings as victory, seeing rulers as a trial, seeing rulers are fears, seeing soldiers as travels, seeing craftsmen as a sign of their deeds and livelihood
  12. Seeing the children of Adam on the other hand of what God Almighty mentioned, the Almighty said: {And there is no animal in the earth nor a bird that flies with its wings except for the likes of you}
  13. Seeing the good from the children of Adam may indicate the good from the beasts or birds, as indicated by the righteous animal, or the beneficial bird to the human being who is predominant by the good.
  14. Whereas in the son of Adam from the creation that resembles a bird, a beast, and others
  15. Perhaps the vision of the sons of Adam indicated the harvested crops. The Almighty said: “And God made you grow a plant from the earth.”
  16. The vision of the Bani Adam indicates the suspicions of gain because of the difference in their earnings, or the wonderful building, or the beautiful workmanship.
  17. Whoever sees a well-known man make something or give him something, then he is himself, his name, or his counterpart
  18. It was said that he who sees a well-known man is good and blessing, and if he is absent, he will present or his news or his book comes
  19. Whoever saw a well-known sheikh, and between them there was talk of an increase in goodness and blessing for his saying, peace be upon him,: Blessing is in the greatest
  20. The vision of the well-known sheikh, if a gray hair is mixed, it will be more pronounced, especially if it is particle
  21. The unknown sheikh is the grandfather of the person who finds him. The more decency and dignity he sees in him, and words that indicate good and are compatible with the purpose of the seeker, the better
  22. Whoever sees a young man or an elderly person with a good face, then it is good news, whether it is known or unknown
  23. If the young man is unknown and he is not good looking, then he is an enemy
  24. Whoever sees a group of sheikhs or youth, they are mercy, especially if they say righteousness
  25. Whoever sees that one of them gave him something is the best, especially if the type of that thing is liked, and if he sees that he is the one who gives it is also good.

Interpretation of a stranger in a dream

  1. The symbol of a stranger or a strange woman in a dream represents importance in terms of meaning and the connotation that Dac may refer to. The symbol is either related to the dreamer himself or indicates events that occur in his surroundings, whether they are positive or negative
  2. Seeing a strange and unknown person in a dream of a single girl is often explained by luck and share, as he may be her life partner and carry a characteristic similar to the one in which he appeared in the dream
  3. Seeing a smiling elegant stranger is good fortune and good omen and a harbinger of joy
  4. The name that a stranger carries in a dream has connotations and may increase or change the general meaning of the dream, whether by good news or warning.
  5. If the girl saw as if a stranger hit her in a dream, then she may indicate that she will marry a man she does not know
  6. The shape and body of a man has a specific expression, for fat is better than thin and beautiful is better than ugly, and the next is better than a steward, and a smiling person is not frowned upon.
  7. This may apply in most cases when a divorced woman is divorced, as the unknown man in her dreams may have her share and her life partner.
  8. Seeing a stranger giving something is praiseworthy and a harbinger of important events and an increase in livelihood, whether the health of happiness.
  9. While if I take something from you, this is a shortage in one aspect of your life
  10. Often in our dreams there are strangers in different shapes, and their presence in any dream has backward connotations according to the context of each dream.
  11. Seeing one person in a dream, may refer to a side of your personality, for example, seeing that person doing good or evil, you may be the one intended, whether by alerting you, stimulating or preaching good. It also refers to the enemy.
  12. Seeing strangers indicates a change in the situation, according to their condition, there will be a change
  13. Seeing two strangers in a dream may indicate security
  14. Seeing a stranger with beautiful hair indicates love
  15. Seeing strangers in a dream also indicates unexpected success and a change for the better.
  16. The vision of the unknown elder or elderly indicates the grandfather of the dreamer. If he sees him weak and here, this indicates the weakness of his grandfather, his determination and his request, and seeing him strong is the strength of his grandfather and his determination
  17. Seeing a stranger as if he gave you something, then look at what you gave him. If it was good then it is good news, and if it is evil then it warns you from falling into trouble.
  18. If he takes something important from you, then he is not praiseworthy, food refers to illness and valuables to poverty and clothing to status and reputation
  19. If he takes worthless things from you, then it indicates that there are people who are waiting for you for your debt but cannot, and it may also indicate the disappearance of worry and anguish.
  20. The woman who sees in her dream a strange man, as if he enters her house or asks for her food or sleeps in her bed.
  21. And if she sees in a dream that a strange man has an ugly face, disgusting of creation, disheveled, his clothes are flabby and his sole is pierced or worn, then she will know a year in which there are many troubles
  22. And the angry strange man symbolizes the trouble of making or living
  23. And the sick man symbolizes in the dream of a married woman impotence, lethargy, depression or failure
  24. And it is not to be praised in visions that the stranger is beaten, and the married man does not abuse him, because that may reflect family disputes.
  25. One of the most prominent features of the dream of a strange man in a dream is that it indicates good-looking and the shape in which the dreamer seeks to enjoy it to draw attention, and the Arab man in the dream is the person that every dreamer seeks to be in the future
  26. One of the most prominent meanings carried by the dream of a strange man is that it indicates good and righteousness in the dreamer’s life, especially if this strange man has a beautiful outlook, beautiful manners, beautiful and elegant, and this is a sign of the beautiful life that awaits the dreamer in the future
  27. In the event that the strange man in the dream had a hideous, untidy and frightening look, this is a sign of the sadness, worry and distress that awaits the dreamer in the near future, and it may be related to either professional or family life
  28. One of the most prominent interpretations of the strange man’s dream is that it preaches to the single woman that she will meet her lover and her expected life partner, but she will not know the time or place. The strange man for a married woman may be a new baby that she has been waiting for for some time
  29. The dream of a strange man in the house indicates that big problems will occur within the family and that many strangers will intervene to deal with this problem, and someone may be responsible for the emergence of these problems, but he remains unknown to the people of the house.

Interpretation of a strange man in a dream

A strange man in a dream usually denotes goodness and success in general.
But if the strange man appeared with an ugly face and an untidy look, then the vision indicated troubles, failures, obstacles and problems.
In the event that a strange man chases the visionary in a dream, this was an indication of the dreamer’s escape from something in real life, and this vision could also symbolize tension and anxiety.

Interpretation of a strange man in a dream about a pregnant woman

A strange and ugly man in a dream about a pregnant woman means trouble and illness.
As for the appearance of the stranger but the beautiful man in her dream, it indicates the disappearance of pain and suffering.

Interpretation of a strange man in a dream about a single woman

For single people, a handsome man in a dream indicates good news and success in a dream.

Interpretation of a strange man in a dream about a married woman

A married woman talks to a strange man in a dream that heralds the removal of her marital worries and quarrels.
But if she sees a strange and handsome man smiling at her in her dream, then this means that her life, in reality, will change for the better.

Interpretation of a young man in a dream

  1. The boy in hermeneutics is a weak enemy, showing friendship and then showing enmity
  2. If he sees a man as if he has become a boy, his sperm is gone, except that his vision indicates the relief of those in him
  3. If he sees as carrying a boy, he is running a king
  4. Whoever sees as if he is learning manners in the Qur’an books, he will repent from sins
  5. Whoever saw as if a number of children were born to him, his visions indicate that they are because children can only be brought up with suffering
  6. That a man came to Ibn Sirin, and he said, I saw as if in my lap a boy was crying, and he said: Fear God and do not strike a stick
  7. Whoever sees a little boy after he does not mix with his body, then he is an extra that he will receive or be abused
  8. Young boys indicate minor worries, and the boys ’dreams in a dream are fertile and relaxed, and after hardships, it grows and increases.

Interpretation of a silly person in a dream

If you see yourself being ridiculous in a dream, this indicates that you are about to commit stupidities that cause anxiety to your friends and you may suffer from a temporary and transient illness.
If a woman believes that her husband or boyfriend is going to suffer because of a friend neglecting her and being ignored by her

Interpretation of a foolish person in a dream

Foolishness is ignorance in a dream. Whoever sees that he is foolish is ignorant.
Whoever sees that he has spoiled people, then corrupts his debt, and likewise, if he sees that he corrupted his debt, he will spoil it for the people
And the foolishness in a dream is evidence of victory over the enemies and the height of destiny and the word if the foolishness is for a dhimmi or a heretic.

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Types of dreams

  • The vision: It is a positive and beloved matter, and it is from God Almighty, and a person may see something that indicates good and God promises him, or God warns man in a vision about something and evil.
  • The dream: It is a negative and bad matter, and it is from Satan, God forbid, and a person may see in a dream many things in his life and nightmares in particular, and the Messenger (PBUH) ordered us to seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan and blow on his left three times, where he sees something bad in the dream.
  • Pipe dreams: It is not a bad or positive and beloved matter, but rather a group of desires, lusts, or fears present in the subconscious, that is, inside the human being.

Is it permissible to read dream interpretation books, and consider including them?

I do not know of any embarrassment in reading books of interpretation, Ibn Sirin and others. Dream books benefit from the seeker of knowledge, but he does not rely on them but rather with evidence. He must look at the evidence, learn, and look at the clues, and if he is confused about him, he is not certain, he says: Perhaps what is meant is this, if he sees A good vision, thank God for it, such as: He saw that he agreed with him in religion, he saw that he entered Heaven, this praises God for that, he saw that he was righteous to his parents, he saw that he preserves the prayers, all this is good, thank God for that.

If he sees what he hates, such as seeing that he fell into a well, or that he was killed, or that he was drinking wine, or something like that, this is from Satan, if he saw the Prophet النبي to leave his left three times, and say: I seek refuge in God from Satan, and from evil I have not seen – three times – then he turns on his other side; It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

The one who crosses the vision looks at what the Prophet said, knows the hadiths received, benefits from the books, but does not depend on the words of so-and-so, relies on hadiths, legal evidence, and legal clues to benefit him, and confirms matters, and the vision only expresses insight, and if in doubt, He says: Perhaps such-and-such, and perhaps such-and-such, and the Prophet When he was asked about the righteous vision, he said: God praises it when he sees what he loves, or what he pleases. ﷺ: If one of you sees something that he hates, let him spit three times on his left, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he saw – three times – and then turn on his side the other, for it does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

O Muslim and Muslim woman: If a person sees what he loves, such as he sees that he prays in a legitimate manner, he sees that he is learning a science that is consistent with religion, he sees that he has entered Paradise, and what is like that of good hypocrisy, he sees that he is sitting with the righteous and the good, he sees that in the circles of knowledge, this is a good vision, praises God, he says: Praise be to God, if he wakes up, praise be to God, he will be pleased with this thing, telling his loved ones and the one he loves, there is nothing wrong with it.

But if he sees what he hates, he sees that he is hitting, or threatening, or that he is with the wicked, or that he entered the fire, or that he is sick, or similar things that are hated, if he wakes up in fear of them, he hated them, then the Messenger had instructed him that: he should leave His left three times, and he says: I seek refuge in God from Satan and the evil of what I saw – three times – then he turns on his other side. It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it and that ﷺ This is from the Devil, that this vision is from the Devil to grieve a person, to harm him, to show him this vision to grieve him to harm him, so Satan should not acknowledge and comfort him, no; Rather, he should be the enemy of Satan, seek refuge in God from Satan, turn away from his left three times, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he has seen, until Satan provokes, then he turns on his other side, as the Prophet, and does not tell about it, he does not say : I saw I saw, he leaves her, it does not harm him, praise be to God. Yeah.