رمز الوفاة و الشخص المتوفي في الحلم بالتفصيل


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A symbol of death and a deceased person in a dream

The symbol of death and the deceased person in a dream Interpretation of death in a dream Interpretation of a dream of death for single men and women Interpretation of a dream about death a married married Interpretation of a dream of death for a pregnant woman

We offer you the interpretation of death for a person who is close to a single girl, for a married and pregnant woman. Death of a father, death of a mother, death of a husband, death of a brother

Interpretation of the dream of the dead, alive, strikes me in the dream of a single, married, pregnant girl, and a single and married man, to Ibn Sirin and to the sincere Imam

A symbol of death and a deceased person in a dream

  1. Whoever sees that his brother died, and if he is ill, then it is his death or the death of one of his aspects
  2. Whoever believes that the imam has died, then that country devolves into corruption, and perhaps ruin
  3. Whoever sees that death has descended in a known place, then there will be a fire
  4. Whoever sees that a known person has died while he mourns for him and announces about that, then a calamity will happen to both of them
  5. Whoever sees that his son died, he will be saved from his enemy
  6. Whoever sees as if his daughter died, he despair of joy
  7. Whoever saw that he had died and did not see a grave, a shroud, a funeral, or a crying, then that is a comfort for the visionary who is in it
  8. Whoever sees that he has died in the look of the dead, and no one has weeped over him, has not been washed, and has not been shrouded, ruins part of his house
  9. Whoever saw that he was transporting a dead person to the market satisfied his needs and his trade expended
  10. Whoever sees that he has taken a dead person to the graves, he shall do the truth
  11. Whoever sees that he and his wife died in the waiting period, he will divorce her
  12. It was said that whoever saw that he had died and was celibate, he would marry
  13. Whoever sees that he died and lived after his death, he will sin and repent, and it was said that his life will be prolonged
  14. Whoever sees that a dead person becomes attached to a debaucher kills a harmful animal
  15. Whoever sees as if he is dead alone in a severed place, there is no good in it, and if he is absent then he will receive news of his corruption of his religion
  16. Whoever sees that he is dead in the cemetery, and believes that he has died for a long time, then he travels far away and accompanies the ignorant and the people of immorality and corruption
  17. The death of the child is the safety of an enemy, the inheritance is acquired, the death of the daughter, the return of a matter in which there is pleasure, and the death of the father is confused by the living and death of the mother.
  18. Whoever sees that one of the people of innovation and delusion has died, then he becomes more tyrannical, but he is poor because of his commission of that
  19. Whoever thinks that a pregnant woman has died, then she gives birth to a male child and is pleased with him and gets benefit from him, and perhaps death indicates divorce
  20. Whoever sees that an unknown woman has died, his world is disrupted
  21. Whoever sees that he drags the dead on the ground, then he hoardes sin
  22. Whoever sees that a beast has died, there is no good in him, and if he has something else, it is lighter
  23. Whoever sees that a craftsman has died, then this indicates the depression of his craft
  24. Whoever sees that the king of his country has died, it indicates the ruin of that country
  25. Whoever sees that a sentry has died, then it is interpreted in two ways, the occurrence of fear and the death of a ruler
  26. Whoever sees that he is carrying a dead person to the chapel will cause good for a corrupt man
  27. Whoever sees that one of his parents has died, then his worldly life is lost and his condition is corrupted, and if he is one of the students of the hereafter, he will be suspended from his work
  28. Whoever sees that someone has died and people remember him well, then he will be praiseworthy in his state or in the work he is doing
  29. Whoever sees that someone who accepts his words while awake tells him that he will never die, then he will be killed for the sake of God and will be alive after that, because the Almighty said: “Do not consider those who were killed in the cause of God to be dead but alive.” The verse
  30. Whoever sees that one of his relatives has died, then he will lose his ability
  31. The death of the wife is good, and the death of the pregnant woman is very good and righteous for her
  32. Whoever sees that a dead person has lived, it will be a good and joyful occurrence, especially if the dead person is confused.
  33. Whoever sees in a dream that he is dead and has been buried, then he travels far away and does not find any money
  34. Whoever sees that he was buried in a grave without dying, and if he knows who buried him, then he begins it with injustice, oppression, or imprisonment
  35. If he saw that he died in the grave after that, then he would die in that worry, and if he did not die, then he would be saved from that worry, injustice and imprisonment.
  36. Whoever sees that he was delivered to the pit of the grave, then he delivers it to the grave, and if he puts it in the grave, then he will attain the house
  37. If he was leveled with dirt, he would receive as much money as that, and they said: Whoever is buried will lose his debt unless he comes out of his grave after the burial
  38. If the dirt urged him and the hands were shaken, he is hopeless of his repentance
  39. Whoever is buried in a dream after sunrise or at noon or at the time of sunset indicates that the command to the wrong and the prohibition of what is known
  40. As for burying the neighborhood, it is deceit and deceit
  41. Perhaps he indicated the richness of the burial after his poverty, and he married him after his celibacy and forgotten him after his brutality
  42. Burying the dead for the living indicates that the debt is absorbing what it is
  43. Burying the dead second in a dream disregarding the offense
  44. Burying the dead for the dead union, eloquence and affection among relatives
  45. The burial may have been a prison, illness, married, deposit, or mortgage
  46. Whoever saw that he was dead or buried, then died without repentance
  47. If he saw that he came out of the grave, he repents, and it was said that burial indicates marriage
  48. Whoever sees that he was buried without death, he is imprisoned and pressured
  49. Whoever sees that he bury a living person, he conquers his enemy
  50. Whoever sees that a group bury a person, they agree on his perdition, and there is no good enough to bury a whole person
  51. If he dreamed that he was burying his enemy, he would be victorious
  52. Whoever sees that he buried something of the animal, and if its type is blameworthy, then he meets a man who is attributed to that type, and if he was loved, then he regretted something.
  53. Whoever saw that he burying an inanimate object is keen on the world
  54. If he dreams that he is burying a species that does not require burial, then he wastes his belongings when there is no result
  55. Perhaps it indicates that this was deposited with someone, because man is of dirt and in general
  56. The vision of the burial is interpreted on eleven faces: triumph, travel, distancing, imprisonment, poverty, disruption, unlawful marriage, weakness, gloating, distress, and corruption of things.
  57. Whoever sees that the dead is crying in his sleep, this indicates that the rest of the dead is a rest for him in the hereafter, and his fatigue is his fatigue in the hereafter.
  58. It may indicate that he needs to give charity to him
  59. Whoever thinks that he is asked to eat or eat by a dead person is asking him to give him alms
  60. Whoever sees as if he accepts an unknown dead person, she gets money from a point where it is not counted, and if he accepts a known dead, then he benefits from the dead with his knowledge or money.
  61. Whoever sees that he accepts a dead with lust, then he connects him with good, and if he sees that the dead person accepts him, he will reach him from the money of that dead person or from his deeds is good.
  62. Whoever sees that he has been hit by a dead person will gain him a benefit in travel, or he will return to his hand what was lost from him
  63. Whoever among you sees that he beats a dead person, this indicates that the battered person will pay the debts of this dead person
  64. Whoever sees that a dead person drinks water, then it is charity or supplication that his children give to him, and if he seeks water, then he is also asking for charity and supplication
  65. Whoever sees the washing of the dead in a dream indicates the fulfillment of his debt.
  66. Whoever sees a dead person in a dream has got married, this is evidence of God Almighty’s care for this dead person
  67. Whoever sees that a dead person has given him something of food and drink and does not eat it, then he will reduce his money to the extent of that
  68. If he eats it, then it is good and a benefit, and if he gives it something from worldly goods, then it will be good that hope will arrive

Interpretation of death in a dream

  1. Whoever sees that he died in his dream without having an illness or an accident, his life will be prolonged
  2. Whoever dies gladly with that, he will live a long life and will be overcome by happiness
  3. Whoever dies and then lives after his death, he will commit a major sin or sin, but he will repent of it because he came back to life
  4. Whoever sees as if he died and people gathered for his death and held a funeral or consolation for him, washed him and shrouded him for burial, then he is a person that people will love in his life and live healthy among them, but he is a corrupt religion and is not committed to obeying God
  5. Whoever sees that he does not die in his dream, or that he is a superhero, he cannot die, so that is near
  6. Whoever thinks in his dream or he feels that he will never die in his dream, then he will be killed in the way of God as a seeker of knowledge on his way to his request, or a fighter or an expatriate or a traveler for the call, leaving the view of the world in all its conditions
  7. He who sees as if he has died and sees himself naked as he bury the dead, finds that he is lying naked on the ground, then he will lose his money and become poor
  8. If he was on a rug, he would be rich and more affordable
  9. As for the one who dies and does not see anyone around him or finds nothing of solace and people, then he will demolish a wall in his house or lose one of his household
  10. If he sees as if he was buried in that state in which there is no consolation, no people, or crying, then he will not be able to build what was demolished from his house during his life.
  11. As for the death of the ruler, the president, or the imam, whoever thinks that the imam, a wise, religious person, or a just president has died, this indicates the ruin of the country and the spread of corruption in it after the departure of this person
  12. If he died on the bed, his family got a good from him in his life
  13. If the visionary dies on the bed, he will increase his destiny in life or fix his religion in his life and death
  14. If he hears of the death of a person in a dream, the death of a living person who knows him, and the news of his death comes, then he has corrupted the religion and facilitates the state of the world
  15. The death of the governor or ruler may indicate the dismissal of the seer from his work and office
  16. And whoever sees that people have all died in a hideous way, or that he sees them lying dead on the ground in large numbers, then this indicates a great fire that will happen in or around that place.

Interpretation of a dream about death for single men and women

The bachelorette of the youth or the virgin girl, when he sees himself dying while he is about to get married, he is getting married
As for other than the next, it is a request for knowledge or work to support it

Interpretation of a dream about death a married married woman

Married or married to a person who thinks that he is dying, then he is explained by divorce and separation with his partner, because death is the separation of the person from his loved ones
Whoever sees that he is among the dead, he lives with hypocritical people, whether in his home or in his work or with the people whom he saw dead if he knew them

Interpretation of a dream about death for a pregnant woman

And when a pregnant woman sees her that she is dying and people are crying for her without screaming and crying, she will give birth to a son and be happy with him.
As for those who mourned and cried for her, she will give birth with hardship and her son may not be happy with her or give birth to a girl who is not happy with her.

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Types of dreams

  • The vision: It is a positive and beloved matter, and it is from God Almighty, and a person may see something that indicates good and God promises him, or God warns man in a vision about something and evil.
  • The dream: It is a negative and bad matter, and it is from Satan, God forbid, and a person may see in a dream many things in his life and nightmares in particular, and the Messenger (PBUH) ordered us to seek refuge in God from the accursed Satan and blow on his left three times, where he sees something bad in the dream.
  • Pipe dreams: It is not a bad or positive and beloved matter, but rather a group of desires, lusts, or fears present in the subconscious, that is, inside the human being.

Is it permissible to read dream interpretation books, and consider including them?

I do not know of any embarrassment in reading books of interpretation, Ibn Sirin and others. Dream books benefit from the seeker of knowledge, but he does not rely on them but rather with evidence. He must look at the evidence, learn, and look at the clues, and if he is confused about him, he is not certain, he says: Perhaps what is meant is this, if he sees A good vision, thank God for it, such as: He saw that he agreed with him in religion, he saw that he entered Heaven, this praises God for that, he saw that he was righteous to his parents, he saw that he preserves the prayers, all this is good, thank God for that.

If he sees what he hates, such as seeing that he fell into a well, or that he was killed, or that he was drinking wine, or something like that, this is from Satan, if he saw the Prophet النبي to leave his left three times, and say: I seek refuge in God from Satan, and from evil I have not seen – three times – then he turns on his other side; It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it.

The one who crosses the vision looks at what the Prophet said, knows the hadiths received, benefits from the books, but does not depend on the words of so-and-so, relies on hadiths, legal evidence, and legal clues to benefit him, and confirms matters, and the vision only expresses insight, and if in doubt, He says: Perhaps such-and-such, and perhaps such-and-such, and the Prophet When he was asked about the righteous vision, he said: God praises it when he sees what he loves, or what he pleases. ﷺ: If one of you sees something that he hates, let him spit three times on his left, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he saw – three times – and then turn on his side the other, for it does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it. This is a great approach that the Prophet had shown.

O Muslim and Muslim woman: If a person sees what he loves, such as he sees that he prays in a legitimate manner, he sees that he is learning a science that is consistent with religion, he sees that he has entered Paradise, and what is like that of good hypocrisy, he sees that he is sitting with the righteous and the good, he sees that in the circles of knowledge, this is a good vision, praises God, he says: Praise be to God, if he wakes up, praise be to God, he will be pleased with this thing, telling his loved ones and the one he loves, there is nothing wrong with it.

But if he sees what he hates, he sees that he is hitting, or threatening, or that he is with the wicked, or that he entered the fire, or that he is sick, or similar things that are disliked, if he wakes up in fear of them, he hated them, then the Messenger أو had instructed him that: he let go from His left three times, and he says: I seek refuge in God from Satan and the evil of what I saw – three times – then he turns on his other side. It does not harm him, and he does not tell anyone about it and that ﷺ This is from the Devil, that this vision is from the Devil to grieve a person, to harm him, to show him this vision to grieve him to harm him, so Satan should not acknowledge and comfort him, no; Rather, he should be the enemy of Satan, seek refuge in God from Satan, turn away from his left three times, and seek refuge in God from Satan, and from the evil of what he has seen, until Satan provokes, then he turns on his other side, as the Prophet, and does not tell about it, he does not say : I saw I saw, he leaves her, it does not harm him, praise be to God. Yeah.